La Vega Baja del Segura offers exquisite natural conditions, such as benign winters, mild temperatures throughout the year, clear skies, a great range of sandy beaches and pleasant scenery that guarantee a quality tourism offer. It is no wonder that from ancient times these fertile lands were the jewel in the crown for numerous past civilizations. Our archaeological sites now preserve the cultural legacies of these civilizations visibly alive to this day in our costumes.

Lo Ferris Cove in Torrevieja

Some towns of this region are already very well known for their tourist tradition, but there is still a lot to discover –from fertile lands to mountain ranges, as well as our people and their unique gastronomy based on products from the fertile lands and the sea. La Vega Baja del Segura has a lot to offer to visitors, including a wide variety of heritage, cultural, environmental, sports and leisure resources. This tourist guide provides the traveller with a rich sample of the region.

There is much to learn and discover, because, in the whole of the 27 counties that make up the Bajo Segura, the offer is considerable and is suitable for all kinds of visitors. Therefore, the information that will find in this tourist guide is organized in "Spaces", in order that the visitor could select the search of that thing that is more interesting and useful for him.

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