General Information IconGuardamar del Segura

Aerial view of Guardamar

The offer of sun and beach coexist in perfect harmony in Guardamar as well as the historic and festive ones. It is surrounded, in addition, with the landscape beauty of a few dunes that have contributed to turn it into a desirable destination. Civilizations settled in the area, among which are the remains left by Phoenicians and Iberians, is more than evident along a term, where nature shows some of its basic elements. The Segura River divides the new territory into two areas. A municipality that was reborn from scratch after being earthquake-stricken and today has a dozen of kilometres of beaches and dunes covered with pines, eucalyptus and palm trees.

Since the fifties began in Guardamar the tourism phenomenon, with the arrival of vacationers from nearby regions and from the sixties, from Madrid and Europe. At this time there begins the process of extension of the urban city with the urbanization named Dunes of Guardamar mainly aimed at the construction of second residences for summer use. This process of urban growth has increased with the continuous immigration of last years, and is still running at the moment.

The tourism has turned into the main source of income direct or indirect of Guardamar, by the activities that it generates, and by the sale of land of agricultural use to build new residences. The industry is present in the factory of batteries built at the end of the seventies in the garden of Guardamar.