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El Mojón beach in Pilar de la Horadada

La Vega Baja del Segura enjoys a so-called Mediterranean climate, with exquisite natural conditions, such as benign winters, clear skies and mild temperatures throughout the year.

This type of climate occurs most noticeably in the regions around the Mediterranean Sea, from where the climate gets its name, but it can also be found in other parts of the world as, for instance, on the western sides of continents.

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry summers with little chance of rain and moderate wet winters.

The annual amount of rainfall is changeable and generally low ranging from 400 to 600 litres per square metre. Rain generally falls mostly in spring and autumn, although it may change according to local conditions and rain can be torrential at times.

Torrential rain in autumn is due to the accumulation of heat within the water masses during the summer, as well as the arrival of cold polar rain drops. In winter thermal high pressure systems can form locally.

Temperatures are mild throughout the year, with no extreme values and with an average temperature of 15ºC. Summers are hot and winters are mild with temperatures that hardly ever fall below 0ºC, so there is little chance of snowfall. However, these parameters may vary according to the topographical conditions, so a dry and cold climate with dry and cold winters and chilly summers can also occur, without exceeding the general conditions.

The typical vegetation is characterised by the so-called Mediterranean forest with evergreen trees as, for instance, holm oaks, cork oaks and pines. Shrubs and aromatic plants such as kermes oak, lentisk, rockrose and rosemary also dominate the Mediterranean vegetation, forming shrubs communities called maquis and garrigues.