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Aerial view of Catral

The municipal area covers 19,24 Km2. It is located to 12m. above sea level. The area of the garden covers 14.554,5 tahúllas (*) and is irrigated by the Major irrigation ditch and other minor aqueducts called arrobas. La Madriguera, Hornos, Albellón and San Juan, are their names. Nowadays it has an approximate population of 9.200 inhabitants.

According to a report of 1860 was reported by:

"Local ways opened in the plain that occupies and paths to go by foot that lead Dolores, Almoradí, Callosa, Albatera and San Felipe de Neri".

The first document in which appears the word Catral, is set in 1255 where was granted to the Order of Santiago "Catral, Orihuela's village". The Castilian king Alfonso X restored it to the Crown in 1264. From 1296 Catral, as the southern half of the province, would go on to the Crown of Aragon, inside Orihuela's General Attorney. In the middle of the 13th century Muslim domination ended in Catral. The king Felipe V granted it the status of "Villa".

(*) 1 tahulla in Catral is equivalent to 1.185m2.